Our Story

“I am thrilled, after having successfully revived the historic Graham brand in 1995 and created the Alex Benlo watch brand in 2015, to be able to offer something new. In 2017, I decided to create Charles BowTie™, a new watch brand inspired by what I believe are key values for most people.

My focus is on the power and beauty of a colourful dial; on the British sense of understated luxury, as illustrated by a slim watch case; on the excellence of Swiss design and on the subtle versatility of easily exchangeable leather and NATO straps, all of it at an affordable price. I want our family brand, Charles BowTie™, to espouse a noble purpose by investing in paperless media, supporting noble causes and noble individuals and investing our energy in projects to make the future more beautiful for all. The recipe may sound simple, but it still took me 2 years to realize.

I am genuinely proud and delighted to present Charles BowTie™ Watches, which I believe will enhance your own sense of noblesse with a touch of class and offer an affordable entrée to the world of luxury.”

- Eric Loth (CEO & Founder)